I code and fiddle with things.

Here are some things that I've made.

Dota 2 Counterpicker


An open-sourced web-app used for the ever famous game Dota 2. Choose your enemy heroes and get a list of suggested heroes to play.

Built with JavaScript, Framework7, jQuery, and List.js. Data fetched with Node.js CLI from Dotabuff.com

Optimized for Mobile

GitHub | Live Web-App



A prototype website drafted for a bar in Krefeld.

Features photography done by me with speed and responsive design in mind.

Freshman Institute FH Aachen Praktikum


As a part of our studies, Freshman Institute students were required to do a Praktikum at the FH Aachen.

Languages such as JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, CSS and HTML was taught and we were given projects such as building a Social Network Service (like Facebook) and an online purchasing platform.

Ball Revamped Duo 2


Inspired at the age of 14 by the game series Ball Revamped by jmtb02, this was created out of curiosity and to explore programming.

Built with Flash and AS2.0, music production by Austrian producer Nicholas Binder a.k.a. Anatoxic